Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 19, 2014

elder cooley and his area

so this is my area where i work every day man is it great or is it great! haha so yea its pretty swell.  So my first week in this new area we've met quite a few investigators hahah and so far we have lined up about 6 baptism dates all in November and December. The work is going really well i think i dont have a clue whats really going on 90% of the time but whateves thats life so a lot of things over here dont make any sense like seriously. A lot of people here are insane but a nice way to put it is the "fomba gasy" aka the way of the malagasy people. So yea you just have to laugh at it and not think about it to much or you will go mad wondering why they are the way they are. I've been pretty sick so far but thats just mission life to always be tired and sick. The rice here isnt my favorite but when you're hungry you really dont care all to much haha ps the 2600 "ari" is 1 american dollar so yea not to much hahaha nothing like being a millionair when you're only 18 right haha. I'm glad to here every things good at home but yea life goes on no matter which side of the world you're on but just remember im just about 9 hours ahead of you so yea lets just say im a head of the times hahahahaha im so so so funny ill be sending more pics keep me up on all the little things love you all
hahahahahhahahahahahhahahha so yea living here is crazy sure shocked my system thats for sure but life is good, just laugh and life is great. I found out the secret of life, so im always pretty happy now because no matter where you are, this itty bitty thing can make your world a new place. Real quick wow did i take my life back home for granted, shoot is life hard here anything you touch here is filthy and discusting the grunge and grime here is on seriously i kid you not everything. Haha wow you really dont know how the world is till you go there. I really cant believe how spoiled I was and how thoughtless I was when it came to things, but alls good now. I've learned a ton not only about church things but more about life in gen. Dang we have it good at home. We've been blessed with so so much. Don't get werid on me and keep me up dated on everything kk tell me about music and movies and how you all are at home. I love you all so so so s os os os osos oso so so so so s oso so s much hahahah im so so funny but really i do love yall so keep it real be happy and love life 

Elder Cooley

From the Balcony

Where they buy Cokes and Fanta


His new area

dirty river

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