Monday, December 21, 2015

November 26,2015

so this was thanksgiving way depressing tanks for the pics of you guys but yea that pic that amber brought over is cool way sad though haha but yea best of luck with the new job pops im way excited for you let me know how it all goes next week as for me the work in tanna is going well me and my new comp Elder Francom are way tight hes alot like my friends from home so we get along way good life is going good 8 months left so i need to work my a off right now and thats my plan so  hope you are doing great miss yall party on wayne and party on garth 

November 16, 2015--Fun had in Tamatave

anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he's been robbed. the fact is that most putts dont drop most beef is tough most children grow up to be just people most successful marriages rewuire a high degree of mutual toleration most jobs are more often dull that otherwise life is like a old time rail journey...delays side tracks smoke dust cinders and jolts interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed the trick is to thank the lord for letting you have the ride.
Gordon B. Hinckley
just found this the other day and well its be on my mind and its a great way to look at it all hope you have a great day mom i miss you guys and pray for you everyday see you soon kk love you :)

November 22. 2015

so news im going back to tanna to mom a newer missionary should be great his name is elder Frankom possible name spelled wrong so ya my bad. I’m leaving tamatave i had 3 months out tanna and now im going back but doesnt matter the work is the same everywhere so i dont care really but yea so thats all that new with me all the pics are just of me saying good bye to some people this week haha its all good way sad though i thought i was going to be here a lot longer but i guess not  sounds like thanks giving will be grand though be sure to send pics ok :)  its going fast so ill see you on christmas dont have to much fun with out me but have lots k 

love Elder Cooley
family below is Charles and his wife and kids were working on getting them Married to be baptised im way mad im leaving and will miss there baptism ive been with him though his ups and down of trying to stop drinking but we reached our goal and he hasnt had a drink since october so just goes to show with faith and WORKSanthing thing is possible

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October 26, 2015

so this week was a lot better im out of my funk so things are getting a lot better.But a gross thing happened this week so best be prepared.  So i had this black dot on my foot and i was like ouch i have a grain of sand in my foot no big deal ill rip it out. So i grab my tools: forceps, nail clippers, and lots of alcohol. To start off i make a small incision on the top of the dot and to my suprise a burst of greenish black puss spews out about the size of thumb tack a lot more the i expected. and its very thick hard to pull apart and as i remove it from my foot i see more awaiting my forceps so i start to dig and excuvate the cavern and as i pull out what i think to be a small bebe i pull out a marble of rotten flesh and yea it was quite the opperation but a success i cleaned it out and its healed very well so yea thats new with me so yea this past week has been better ive made new goals of what i want out of my mission and of my life to come and well i need to put in some work so its going to be great to get on the ride and feed the fire :) miss you till next week love you

Elder Cooley

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Elder Cooley has been a man of few words the past few weeks but we did just get a whole bunch of pictures (which we all were happy about!)
In the past few weeks Elder Cooley has been transferred to a new area clear out on the east coast of Madagascar called Tamatave. He says that this place is like paradise...."It smells like Hawaii, it feels like Hawaii, the work is good". Elder Cooley's new companion is Elder Meluleka from South Africa.  He also said that the bus ride from tana to tamatave was about 9 hours!  We love to hear from him and love each one of the pictures that he sends us!

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

so mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   yes thats all for you so rad... little story so you met that one sister last week well i know her younger sister cool right shes the one in front ish. So she came up and was like Elder Cooley guess what your parents met my sister and i was like no way what and she shows me the picture of you guys so yea rad haha small world. things are going good. 
this past week has been kind of crazy getting a new mission president and not having a enough missionarys in our mission right now. So instead of a normal companion i had a mini missionary so a ward missionary for my companion. It was so rad no english just malagasy all day for 2 weeks! I wish it was longer, but we got 8 new missionaries this past transfer so it all worked out good. Funny story so my mini and i were walking home and ran in to some old gang members of his and wow this was skectch but they were way nice and said if i ever need help they will protect me so yea rising in the ranks of the gang super rad but man the work is so crazy how it changes peoples lifes for the better its hard to explain but i cant tell you how important the work really is. I can really testify how this work saves lives and helps us all more then we know the mission is a crazy adventure that will never be toped. Also i got a new comp last week named elder schroedter rad dood from Texas he's a bro so I'm loving life right now. Its way good and super nice having a good pal to hang with all the time, it makes the work better. I miss y'all lots keep the pics and smiles coming. Not to much longer only 9 transfers left so times 9 by 6 and you get 54 and thats all the weeks i got left rad right so close only a short time to go soon ill be sleeping in grass and walking on carpet so pumped haha love you
elder cooley
Elder Cooley and Sister Radamason's little sister

Mom and Dad meeting Sister Radamason at Temple Square in SLC

playing basketball today!

Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

wow yellow stone looks grand haha sounds like a great trip haha so yea the birthday was good i loved the package so yea moms birthday is coming up sorry i will miss it ill write ya a letter and give it to ya in a year sound good k great. This past week i got a new comp for the last little bit cause an elder went home so i got a mini just a ward missionary for the last week it was rad his name was faniry and it was sick because he doesnt really know english so it was just malagasy and i really love to speak in malagasy werid right but its way fun idk why but yea its the best having a native comp teaching is way better and its way fun to have someone just kinda normalish but yea so this past week was great! so transfer news ..............elder johnson is now zoneleader which means i stay in ivandry for a 4th transfer, My whole mission has been in a 5 mile radius. That  kinda sucks but yea o well the work is the same everywhere. The work here is going great. The time I've put into this area is really paying off and by then end of this transfer 15 people should be new members so yea im happy to finish what i started here. I'm just keeping on. So quick malagasy "fomba fiteny mandroso kitay tsy mirehitra ka afak'adidy am-patana teny tiako ity fomba fiteny ity" but yea its "if you do all you can with what is in your control, you wont be blamed for what is out of your control" super rad goes great with the mission but yea hope you all are great love you thanks for all the gifts :)
love elder cooley

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

hello family!
ah sounds like a great week yall had haha thats cool you meet a malagasy sister did you have her speak to you guys at all? The hike looks like tons of fun to bad i do that every freaking day haha so yea i think the best part is that you guys were there, wish i could go with ya haha! This past week was crazy an Elder had to go home for a surgery so we got his trainie so yea now I'm with elder johnson still and now also with elder calimpong. 3 way training haha for a week. haha its pretty funny. I might leave this area next week... we will see ya never know what will happen right so yea. Out here is great were going to a lemur park today pray i dont get bit  that would not be cool but yea were off so peace out lots of joy to y'all. Love ya!
elder cooley

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

So great week this past week was great and I have some great things to share haha but yea so first off our new President, Pres Foote came this week and guess what.... he's freaking rad love that guy he is a way warm personal dood thats just ready to work and have fun. Also get this he played basketball with us super rad he's only 54 he has tons of life to him so its great. Also we had a baptism last saturday 4 people one family and one members son so ya freaking great the work is going great and what else can you ask for right haha! So yea 4th of july was great we had some good old fashion American Cheeseburgers i couldnt have been happier haha! Its freaking weird how much I love america I dont know why but I freaking love the land of the free and home of the BRAVE!!!!!!!!!  but yea other then that just keep on keepin on crazy im only a month away from a year balls time flys dood haha hope im a better person now  but ya never know haha love you guys lots as for packages just make them good with fun stuff 

love you guys tons :)
Elder Cooley 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hello family,
well for this past week im feeling so much better not sick anymore at all and i feel like a champ! Saturday we had a baptism and 4 people were baptized all 4 family members!!! Now were starting the plan to get there family sealed in the temple so yea loving the work its hard some days and just the best in the world others. Its great both ways its hard to explain a mission really but its just a lot of talking to people and just trying to make friends. I'm a little nervous right now because some crazy gov problems are happening... like people are empeaching (sorry for all my spelling probs english is hard for me right now) the president right now and it could end up in riots and pulling out all missionaries and sending us all to either africa or back to the states so I'm a little nervous about leaving right now but its all the will of God. Thats kinda a big thing going right now but other then that life is good here. The works going good out here just going by fast in 2 more transfers ill be at my year mark! Wow time flies the days are weeks and the weeks are days! love and miss you tons.


May 26, 2015

May 26, 2014
hello family,
Sorry i’m a day late but the past few days I’ve been on death row.. Seriously since saturday I’ve been throwing my guts out and riding the double dragon... (if you don't know what that means then your lucky cuz it killed me) and then when I was actually sleeping I would wake up with horrible cramps in my whole lower body to the point I couldnt move… super sick. So yeah I’m still sick but we are going to try and work today and see how it goes! My favorite part of my mission right now is meeting people and just talking with them and becoming friends and teaching them and seeing the change in their lives. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when I show up to the door. I think for me all a mission really is about is to make people happy. Happiness is the goal. 
Crazy story we were walking home the other night and this dood crashed his moto in to some dood and they started a brawl and malagasy have seen way to many bruce lee movies and dragon ball z… so they all fight with like flying karata kicks super dope then this dood with a bar started beating this dood to the floor and then he got smashed by a moto helmet and by the end like 7 people were just like KO ‘ed. I prayed for them. Keep having fun, love and miss you bye bye next week :)
elder cooley

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hello family,
So this past transfer is over! That was so fast it feels like earlier today it started. Working hard is great and all but this past transfer has been the hardest for me. Not because of working hard but because when you teach so much and nothing really is happening you feel like “fako” trash. When you feel like that and doubt a little it changes how well you feel the spirit majorly. Thats been really buggin me. I know that the Lord will give us all we can take and teach us little by little by the spirit until we are fully ready to accept him being perfect. Figuring out when to give and when to take messes with me because I want the people I teach to have this happiness and it sucks because they just need more time. Its hard to have to wait but one day these people will know in there hearts and will want to change. Man I wish it would happen sooner. I get a new comp tomorrow his name is elder Johnson or something like that. It will be good I’ve heard lots of good things about this feller. We’re going to keep working hard and try to bring the spirit and teach the best we can. Love you guys so much. We are so blessed to have the lives we do with each other. 
Elder Cooley

March, 23, 2015

Hi Family, 
So this past week has been awesome seriously my new comp is named Elder Lee he is the greatest dood, he is so amazing at malagasy and is teaching me so much wow. My new area is Ivandy right next to my old area but i love it. In ivandry we have a full program we have about 30ish lessons a week and we have about 40 investagators wow. The work here is going so good so our goal is to be leading the mission which we are getting very close to our goal we just need to keep working hard and follow the spirit and all will be well.  All is going great im a little homesick but thats just how it is so im not to worried about that. Weird thing, i woke up this moring and my eye is swullen sorry for english probs in spelling but yea i think i was bit by somthing in the night haha i looks really gross so i hope it goes away soon yea never know. So Im going to make every day my best day.
Love, Elder Cooley