Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

dang wow well where do i start so the start of the week was good had baptism dates lined up and on Friday guess what happened... well i have been emergency transfered to analamahitsy crazy yea i know so packed up and moved out that day but now im in a nice big house that is super sick love the new area to its part city with a bit of province its so mad i love it people are good i got to go to a lemur park today and wow they have got to be the coolest animals ever they are so soft and fluffy and their hands feel so so so cool but alls good i didnt get bit, so no worries.. i got hit by another car mirror today that kinda sucked but we have a swaray tonight which is like a dinner party so rice and loka for din din tonight yum the members here are get so helpful in mission work and they love to talk with us its rough out here and some days are deff better then others but all you can do is put your shoulder to the wheel and do what you can sorry for the lack of pictures these cybers kinda suck to write and send stuff out but ill try for next week
most trihumphant dudes    
dont go bogus mayn
Elder Cooley

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