Sunday, October 12, 2014

August 28, 2014

hey paps your the best. so break down of the first week, drop off get my books and go to class each day, We have class for about 10 hours each day except for tuesdays sundays and p day,  but really its been kinda chill. Our teachers are Brother Sell, Brother Binghman, and Brother Aldous. On the third day Brother Aldous left and went to India swag its ok. he was kinda fruity but he was chill. I like my district and every ones really chill i have a lot of new friends.  I love learning malagasy and I can pray and some other cool stuff too :) i do like learning and playing basketball and soccer its all a lot of fun. All the rules kinda suck but the worst is the food its not that it taste to bad it just makes you feel like sick. haha yea i really miss you all but i really just want to get out of here and serve i dont hate it here as much as i say i do but i do.... just so ya know other then that nothings happened. Miss you guys like crazy, i'm loving the packs youve sent ill send a letter letting you know how trill it is :). i just need some workout shirts and p day shirts.i really miss music and lucie and ryann and mom and dad but i mean thats expected so schwing  shes a babe.
LOVE ELDER COOLEY the really board mission-airy in the mtc also im getting fat and i hate it loves ya lots peace

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