Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 5, 2014

what is up family ill tell you whats up MADAGASCAR IS WHATS FRICKING UP ahahahhaahha yea but what ever its just super sick here super beautiful here in tana i love it the people are so amazing the foods ok kinda hard on ya but good havent spewed yet taught like 10 lessons and im so lost i can barely understand anything just a heads up im typing on a french keyboard so its kinda hard to spell things right ill send some pics soon the computer im on is kinda broke and it wont send pics sorry i  cant tell you how many times ive almost died though hahah so on the streets there arent any road rules ok so people just snake through and get like centimeters away from you ive been hit by mirrors and stuff but ive had some pretty sick matrix dodges i really love it here the only things that suck are that it is so filthy and grimy eww and there are some really mental people that are pretty strange asking for money all the time being called vazas which is like dirty french man but who cares right my comp is elder thompson who is pretty chill hes not up tight so im happy as can be i hope every ones doing good have heard any conf yet it comes to us in like 3 weeks so yea thats cool i guess but wow is it diffrent here i feel like im in a new world no other way to explain it  so so so so so much is going on but there is always some sort of music playing here in both english and gasy ps thats how they say malagasy here just so ya know i feel kinda sick but the ap elder fox who is super trill told me your always sick but the only time you are really is is when you have 2 sicknesses yea i guess thats how it is here other then the grim its not all that bad i just wish i could speak more but what eves that will come miss yall like crazy ill write more later party on family 
Elder Cooley

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