Tuesday, March 22, 2016


so good news everyone so life is good and yea things are just going good and slow and I'm working hard with elder Stringfellow its a lot of fun being with somebody close to home so mom quick story so we have this one family we dropped cause they stopped caring and coming to church but this past week omg guess who came to church The Family wow how cool they said they want to learn oh boy :) haha so yea thats the kinda a funny story not that its bad just kinda lame haha. so here is a good story well we tracked a lot the past few days and string and I are getting really good at getting in to houses we get into about 3 new houses a day so thats pretty insane but our main tactic is as soon as we see them were like yo what up hey can we talk in your house and what do you know they let us in like every time then when were in boom we tell them were missionarys then teach a lesson so yea its fun its kinda weird cause its so strange to thinka bout  doing that but i guess its not weird here cause people just let us in all the time haha im happy you see all the blessing we have been given for keeping strong and im grateful for all you do i love you lots mom have a great week and stay happy ill see ya in about 150 days :)

haha so i teach this guy fidel we tracted in to him and we started teaching him about a fortnight ago and last week we gave him a bom and he gave us a promise he would read it like seriously said i promise you i will read this wow and we went back yesterday and the whole book was marked up like crazy seriously marks everywhere unlined and highlighted then he brought out a note book and it was full of just paragraphs of his understanding and the things he didn't understand wow it was so cool i wish you could see it but seriously he is so freaking cool and guess his first question was from what tribe of Israƫl is lehi from wow so sick

Friday, January 8, 2016

January 4, 2016

so this past week was crazy we tried to move on wednesday but couldnt get the new house cause the banks werent working because of new years how dumb right... we lost our old house and moved in with the aps so we had 14 people in one house wow it was rough. Way too many people in one house haha but things got better we just got our new house today and its awesome getting back to just 6 people :) wow so much free space haha but yea it was a rather hectic week thats for sure. things are good. we had a baptism last saturday and it went great love you guys lots
Elder Cooley
Daily walk down the road during the rainy season

Monday, December 21, 2015

November 26,2015

so this was thanksgiving way depressing tanks for the pics of you guys but yea that pic that amber brought over is cool way sad though haha but yea best of luck with the new job pops im way excited for you let me know how it all goes next week as for me the work in tanna is going well me and my new comp Elder Francom are way tight hes alot like my friends from home so we get along way good life is going good 8 months left so i need to work my a off right now and thats my plan so  hope you are doing great miss yall party on wayne and party on garth 

November 16, 2015--Fun had in Tamatave

anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he's been robbed. the fact is that most putts dont drop most beef is tough most children grow up to be just people most successful marriages rewuire a high degree of mutual toleration most jobs are more often dull that otherwise life is like a old time rail journey...delays side tracks smoke dust cinders and jolts interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed the trick is to thank the lord for letting you have the ride.
Gordon B. Hinckley
just found this the other day and well its be on my mind and its a great way to look at it all hope you have a great day mom i miss you guys and pray for you everyday see you soon kk love you :)

November 22. 2015

so news im going back to tanna to mom a newer missionary should be great his name is elder Frankom possible name spelled wrong so ya my bad. I’m leaving tamatave i had 3 months out tanna and now im going back but doesnt matter the work is the same everywhere so i dont care really but yea so thats all that new with me all the pics are just of me saying good bye to some people this week haha its all good way sad though i thought i was going to be here a lot longer but i guess not  sounds like thanks giving will be grand though be sure to send pics ok :)  its going fast so ill see you on christmas dont have to much fun with out me but have lots k 

love Elder Cooley
family below is Charles and his wife and kids were working on getting them Married to be baptised im way mad im leaving and will miss there baptism ive been with him though his ups and down of trying to stop drinking but we reached our goal and he hasnt had a drink since october so just goes to show with faith and WORKSanthing thing is possible

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October 26, 2015

so this week was a lot better im out of my funk so things are getting a lot better.But a gross thing happened this week so best be prepared.  So i had this black dot on my foot and i was like ouch i have a grain of sand in my foot no big deal ill rip it out. So i grab my tools: forceps, nail clippers, and lots of alcohol. To start off i make a small incision on the top of the dot and to my suprise a burst of greenish black puss spews out about the size of thumb tack a lot more the i expected. and its very thick hard to pull apart and as i remove it from my foot i see more awaiting my forceps so i start to dig and excuvate the cavern and as i pull out what i think to be a small bebe i pull out a marble of rotten flesh and yea it was quite the opperation but a success i cleaned it out and its healed very well so yea thats new with me so yea this past week has been better ive made new goals of what i want out of my mission and of my life to come and well i need to put in some work so its going to be great to get on the ride and feed the fire :) miss you till next week love you

Elder Cooley