Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Family!!!
So this last week was freaking awesome and super rough at the same time. I like to call it RICE AND ROACHES.
So for the first half, the RICE... The coolest thing in the world happened...I got to plant rice in the the patties super dope. We have this investor named Lanto and he lives way out in the middle of nowhere which is like a 1 hour and 30 minute walk from our church, up hill both ways no joke haha. So Saturday morning we always take this hike to go out and teach them, super chill, it reminds me of the cabin and hikes out there. So we get to their house and they are all working and the first thing they say is "mandroso" which means "come in" or "to progress" so Thompson and I are like sick!!! We throw off our shoes and socks and roll up our pants and just jumped in. Sooooo much funn even though I'm really bad at planting rice. After about a hour and a half of planting Lanto was all like yo it lunch time dawgs, lets get some grub! After planting they fed us the BEST RICE EVER haha so thats the peek of the week.

On to the second half, the this week I have murdered about 20 cockroaches and 2 of these weird bugs. I don't know what they are but they are to fatt to move and they creep my out. I'm just like why are you so fat now you have to die!!!! I light them on fire with a bug spray and a lighter so yea im pretty hard core I guess. Along with that crap last night we had to drop this one dood named Paul he only wanted to bible bash with us and he was worse then I am at it so we gave up trying to teach him. Bummer I know, but as we were leaving this mental dood was all like why are you here so late and we were like dood we preach the word of God chill out, and he was like I'm going to sick my dogs on you if you dont leave and we were already mad because of what happened with Paul. Then he went off about how he owns this ground we walk on and how we are bad people. Then Thompson and I just said screw it left and decided not to go back there. That was a lame part of the week for sure.  I love the pics you sent! Hope mama bear is feeling better. I think im getting a reciding gum line because im brushing to hard. We drink so much coke and fanta im worried for my teeth, but its all good teeth are really dumb sometimes. Miss y'all, but stay happy and dont worry to much about me k im fine and im invincible so really im good focus on home this week kk lots of love hope to hear from yall today :)
Make today the best day of your life,

Elder CJC

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

WOW so this week has been quite a week! Last week the power died and it was seriously rough, but other then living with out power it was allll good. So just chillin right now in the cyber i got my books bound so thats cool. Let me break down a normal day in the mish, it kinda goes like this... we wake up at 6:30 and then work out, eat, and get dressed, then at 8 we start studying, then 9 companion studying, and 10 language studying. Then we go to or make lunch, and i have 2 favortie places for lunch. The hotely right by our house and i get a pork cutlet with pees and rice, or we go to this other hotely called fat guys haha and have steak with fries so so so gooooood hahaha love it. Then after lunch we go out to work and that can be going to a lesson to teach or tracking till we have a lesson. Most of our days have a lot of walking which is always fun. My legs are getting super ripped. So we are out working, walking, teaching, or taking fanta breaks, till around 7 then we head for home. To get anywhere we ride in taxi busses. These little busses fill with a max of 27 people at once with no room to breath. Thats a usual day so after we get home we cook dinner, shower, and get ready for the same thing tomorrow. So quick crazy story on wednesday there were so many little moths everywhere and we became covered in these nasty things so we decided to start running to get out of the swarm. The next thing i know is one flys straight up my nose and i start to die haha and then it comes out of my mouth rather amazing having a little explorer inside of your head only to come out a little cleaner. That was super nasty but kinda neat. I thought I was going to have bugs spawn from my head haha but i think im in the clear. Just living in jungle town so alls rather fun. If yall have any questions please ask and yea that would be great cant wait for some packages im not sure what i want but i know youll send me some great stuffs! I love yall! Work is good!

 every day is the best day of my life
Elder Cooley
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

October 27 2014

good morning mum how are you doing on this lovely day im quite well sorry to email later then the norm but just have been busy it being p day and all that but I'm good im having a new suit made it will be baby blue  so steez haha custom liner and all so legit. This week was really long and not much really happened. the cyber im at i cant send any pictures home sorry about that so i want you to send me a pic every once in a while of the things that you do just to keep me up to date with the family haha lol life is good also i bought like 15 ties for like a quarter a tie haha so im living the high life thats fo sure. Also i dont know if youve heard about this site called dear elder its pretty neat so check it out. I've been working on just being humble this week because i have no idea how to say anything and i miss being able to speak my mind. You cant when you have no clue what the heck any one is saying it really sucks you feel dumb and pretty useless not a great feeling but what can i say ive only been in country for about 4 weeks so what do i expect. Thats just life i hope the language starts to come by about 3 months in but it might take a full year depending how i spend my time studying sorry my spelling is going down hill fast to only writing malagasy words really messes with my English brain haha my comp is having trouble speaking english he makes alot errors but thats life hahaha. Its all just the way things roll so i can teach him english and he can teach me malagasy haha so in about 8 weeks then will have my first real transfer and ill probs stay in my area of analalmahitys but yea im good with that. I like my area and conf was good i loved the talk in pristhood sesh about asking christ is it so sick i didnt understand any of it on sunday though because it was all in malagasy. Thats alright just doing what i do. Later tonight were going to eat dinner at our bishops house and i hope i dont puke. Thats my goal haha so wish me luck party on and make sure every day is the best day of your life