Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October 26, 2015

so this week was a lot better im out of my funk so things are getting a lot better.But a gross thing happened this week so best be prepared.  So i had this black dot on my foot and i was like ouch i have a grain of sand in my foot no big deal ill rip it out. So i grab my tools: forceps, nail clippers, and lots of alcohol. To start off i make a small incision on the top of the dot and to my suprise a burst of greenish black puss spews out about the size of thumb tack a lot more the i expected. and its very thick hard to pull apart and as i remove it from my foot i see more awaiting my forceps so i start to dig and excuvate the cavern and as i pull out what i think to be a small bebe i pull out a marble of rotten flesh and yea it was quite the opperation but a success i cleaned it out and its healed very well so yea thats new with me so yea this past week has been better ive made new goals of what i want out of my mission and of my life to come and well i need to put in some work so its going to be great to get on the ride and feed the fire :) miss you till next week love you

Elder Cooley