Sunday, October 12, 2014

September 25, 2014

hey family how are things so being my last week its been filled with packing and packing and packing i cant be more excited about getting out im honestly so excited to just be in the out side world and talk to normal people ya know im going to try and talk to people in the airport and just make some friends everyone here is just ready to leave but other then that a cool thing this week is a story of two brothers so two brothers who both want a education but lack the funds to do so in which they deiced that they would flip a coin the loser would go work in the mines to pay for the others schooling. So the brother that went off to college became a famous artist he became very wealthy but only because of his brother that sacrificed his own needs to help his brother become who he wanted to be i know i butchered this story but the point is that if we sacrifice something in our lives we can greatly enhance others that really makes you think of mission work  but one thing i thought also about mission work is another story about a chief Indian who speaks of his soul being two wolves in battle one being his desires, his success and his dreams and the other wolf which is his doubts, his fears and his weakness and he is asked the question of which wolf will win and his response is "which ever one i feed" i think that that is so sick because you can relate it to anything so yea hope to hear from you soon love you family :)

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