Friday, January 30, 2015

January 5, 2015

Hello family,
This week was alot better. I'm going to pic up my bag later today at the office so I'm super excited. The work is going a lot better I feel a 100 times better now, and me and elder te'e are doing great. I'm understanding so much more in the language, and we got 2 new doods to teach and both have families! I'm doing great though. I've been having some crazy dreams lately haha like super funky they all kinda have the same thing of me getting injured and sent home but only to return back to mada super weird. I'm being extra carefull around cars and anything that could maybe almost kill me hahah, but I think its just my crazy mind.  Still low on sleep I layed in bed last night till about 3:45 and woke up at 5 because I couldnt sleep maybe im not tired and I just need to read more? Who knows glad to hear yall are doing great super happy about that. I'm coming up on my 6 month mark in  the mission soon only about a month left, crazy, 1/4 the way done, dang. Feels like just yesterday I was eating at sunshine wow I guess thats just life it always is moving you just need to grab your opportunities. Sorry about spelling but im guessin you can figure it out haha.  thanks just going to work hard again this week will see how it goes love yall :)
Elder Cooley

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