Friday, January 30, 2015

January 19, 2015

Hello Family,
wow sounds like last week was pretty great. Loved to see the picture of everyone, so keep sending them. Also wow bronson and brilee are getting big. I've still never met bronson haha thats crazy. Tell Kelsey we got to set up a meeting when I get back. Haaha. This past week was good! In interviews I asked President about how in the bible or book of mormon it never once states gods name it only has it in the bible dictionary and I was like, why is this not written somewhere? how do we know that is his name? I also got this book called religions of the world its a byu text book about the religions of the the world duh haha I've being reading a lot about Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, and Judaism, so that keeps the studies fresh. Its really enlighting reading about other faiths i feel that we can learn a lot from looking at another persons views. The reason i wanted to start learning about other religions is because we were talking to this dood who was a protestant and he asked about whats diffrent from his church and ours. I had no idea so i felt the need to learn so now i can describe to them with out just saying well its not full beacuse thats not really enough to help someone learn. Things are going good a few days ago i met some kids playing with super sick sling shots, so being the rich vazaa that i am i asked, "hey how much for your toy?" and he was like "500 ari" and i was like "ok" and i handed him 1000ari. He quickly grabed the money and started to scream as him and his friends ran off. I got a super dope sling shot so im super happy haha im so grown up haha wow.
love you,
elder cooley

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