Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Family we need to realize how things can always be worse, and to remeber the little things that we are so blessed to have every day. So the pic is of a taxi bay that we ride in every day its super packed haha and we take these everyday about 4 or 5 times and remember how big I am... I am really squished hahah but you learn to love them. Its still better then walking right :) Wow so I was feeling down in the dumps the past few weeks and l felt the weirdest feeling come over me last night, a feeling of shame and regret, but then about a hour later I said to myself why are you feeling like this? I realized its not because im out here and that I miss home, its because I'm not working as hard as I can be. Then I felt way better and as soon as I said that my spirit was lifted in a way I can't explain but I feel so much happier and I've got a new look on my goals. On what I want for the mission. I'm just going to try and loose my self in the work so here we go. This week should be rad :) always keep your head up or else you wont know where your going or what you need to do so stay positive love your work and dont think about what you could be doing, focus on what you are doing. Things are lookin up in in mada haha love you all Elder Cooley

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