Friday, January 30, 2015

January 12, 2015

 Hello family,
so things here are good this week. I have a interview with president this Wednesday so that will be great to talk to him I have a few questions I really wanna ask him about some deep doctrine, so I'm excited for that. I met some new elders here today that I like a lot so I'm making more friends every day haha. Its kinda of funny all the things I'm starting to remember about like movies and music and people. Life is crazy. My favorite thing lately has been at the end of everyday I think of the les mis√©rables song that they sing before they all die in my head.  Haha yea that goes though my head every night right before I get to bed. I'm just trying to serve the best I can. Life is what we make it and this is the Lords time I'm working with so I'm trying not to waste it. Its kinda weird how my thoughts have changed. I'm really surprised at how much I've learned so far and its only my 5th month here. We have a few new investigators i want to tell you about! George and his wife i found them and they are freaking awesome i love them. We teach them tuesday and thursday. We have Laza he's a little young about 20 and stills want to do what he wants. He know the gospel is true but doesnt want to change his life. I get why its a big change on how to live for sure, and he kinda has everything. He plays basketball for a kinda pro team, and has anything he wants really. Then we have Jean Revo i think he more or less want me to help him to get to america and then learn the gospel so that sucks, but he is very attentative when we teach. Then we have sr omega shes good wants to learn but is kinda interesting. We showed her a pic of Joseph seeing God and Christ, and she thought some one in 1820 took that picture. Super crazy haha but she belives it so were going to work with her on wednesday. Also I've started to take videos when i walk, i cant wait to show you them all when i get home :) Just keeping it going one day at a time and doing all I can to keep it going and help the people here the best I can. Glad to hear all is good at home.
love Elder Cooley

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