Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

hello family!
ah sounds like a great week yall had haha thats cool you meet a malagasy sister did you have her speak to you guys at all? The hike looks like tons of fun to bad i do that every freaking day haha so yea i think the best part is that you guys were there, wish i could go with ya haha! This past week was crazy an Elder had to go home for a surgery so we got his trainie so yea now I'm with elder johnson still and now also with elder calimpong. 3 way training haha for a week. haha its pretty funny. I might leave this area next week... we will see ya never know what will happen right so yea. Out here is great were going to a lemur park today pray i dont get bit  that would not be cool but yea were off so peace out lots of joy to y'all. Love ya!
elder cooley

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