Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

so mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   yes thats all for you so rad... little story so you met that one sister last week well i know her younger sister cool right shes the one in front ish. So she came up and was like Elder Cooley guess what your parents met my sister and i was like no way what and she shows me the picture of you guys so yea rad haha small world. things are going good. 
this past week has been kind of crazy getting a new mission president and not having a enough missionarys in our mission right now. So instead of a normal companion i had a mini missionary so a ward missionary for my companion. It was so rad no english just malagasy all day for 2 weeks! I wish it was longer, but we got 8 new missionaries this past transfer so it all worked out good. Funny story so my mini and i were walking home and ran in to some old gang members of his and wow this was skectch but they were way nice and said if i ever need help they will protect me so yea rising in the ranks of the gang super rad but man the work is so crazy how it changes peoples lifes for the better its hard to explain but i cant tell you how important the work really is. I can really testify how this work saves lives and helps us all more then we know the mission is a crazy adventure that will never be toped. Also i got a new comp last week named elder schroedter rad dood from Texas he's a bro so I'm loving life right now. Its way good and super nice having a good pal to hang with all the time, it makes the work better. I miss y'all lots keep the pics and smiles coming. Not to much longer only 9 transfers left so times 9 by 6 and you get 54 and thats all the weeks i got left rad right so close only a short time to go soon ill be sleeping in grass and walking on carpet so pumped haha love you
elder cooley
Elder Cooley and Sister Radamason's little sister

Mom and Dad meeting Sister Radamason at Temple Square in SLC

playing basketball today!

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