Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hello family,
So this past transfer is over! That was so fast it feels like earlier today it started. Working hard is great and all but this past transfer has been the hardest for me. Not because of working hard but because when you teach so much and nothing really is happening you feel like “fako” trash. When you feel like that and doubt a little it changes how well you feel the spirit majorly. Thats been really buggin me. I know that the Lord will give us all we can take and teach us little by little by the spirit until we are fully ready to accept him being perfect. Figuring out when to give and when to take messes with me because I want the people I teach to have this happiness and it sucks because they just need more time. Its hard to have to wait but one day these people will know in there hearts and will want to change. Man I wish it would happen sooner. I get a new comp tomorrow his name is elder Johnson or something like that. It will be good I’ve heard lots of good things about this feller. We’re going to keep working hard and try to bring the spirit and teach the best we can. Love you guys so much. We are so blessed to have the lives we do with each other. 
Elder Cooley

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