Wednesday, May 6, 2015

March, 23, 2015

Hi Family, 
So this past week has been awesome seriously my new comp is named Elder Lee he is the greatest dood, he is so amazing at malagasy and is teaching me so much wow. My new area is Ivandy right next to my old area but i love it. In ivandry we have a full program we have about 30ish lessons a week and we have about 40 investagators wow. The work here is going so good so our goal is to be leading the mission which we are getting very close to our goal we just need to keep working hard and follow the spirit and all will be well.  All is going great im a little homesick but thats just how it is so im not to worried about that. Weird thing, i woke up this moring and my eye is swullen sorry for english probs in spelling but yea i think i was bit by somthing in the night haha i looks really gross so i hope it goes away soon yea never know. So Im going to make every day my best day.
Love, Elder Cooley

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