Monday, December 29, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hi! I did get 3 letters from jonny and chirs schmidt and conner parsons, I think they wrote them in seminary because they have like 7per written on them but still I think its freakin dope that they wrote me haha. This week has been a long one. The language is coming, yesterday a member and I went on a split to get more tpt. I taught all our lessons for Sunday and talking to him was chill. I can pick up a good amount of what they're saying haha but thats only if they talk to me super I guess nothing really to be proud of. I'm still trying to do my best with the language. So in about 2 weeks I will be done training and life will either really suck till I get better or by then I'll be able to manage... hopefully I can. Thompson's good helping me out every day, also talking about splits... I got to go with Elder Stringfellow and dang that was fun :) we tracked and talked pretty much all day then in our lesson with Laza, man we laid down some real faith and repentance :) he definitely knows that we need faith, no doubt and that we should repent evey day. I know I've said that people here have nothing, but this week teaching Manda I really noticed how hard life for them is. Something like 30,000ari (so about 10$) is about all they can save in about like 5 weeks, something that I had everyday that was really like nothing is so much here.They dont have anything but family. They all live in a house about the size of my room at home and everything in it is all they have. Seriously rough, but they still come to church every week. If they can get married legit by next week I'll be having my first baptism :) so excited keep them in your prayers. For Thanksgiving here we had pork tender loin and mashed spuds with green beans and rice of course. lots of love y'all, let me know about mail i really want some packages if we can do that haha :)  Elder COOLEY

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