Monday, December 29, 2014

December 15, 2014

So this week was great had zone conference which was rad. Super fun, I learned a ton about my purpose and all that great stuff. We had our first baptism and it went perfectly Elder Thompson baptized her perfectly and now I am done training. This Wednesday I get my new companion Elder Te'e. He is from Tonga and doesnt speak a lot of english from what I've heard, so looks like its going to be straight Malagasy this next transfer. Well the language is coming along, I'm getting a lot better still get lost a lot and cant say a whole lot but I know when someone is just trying to get me to give them money so im pretty good. I can say "no" and "sorry I dont have any" good thing im a good liar right haha. I'm sad that I have to say good bye to Elder Thompson he's been super chill and were pretty tight of buds, but he's going off to Provence... lucky haha. All is well, just lay back and kick it in my area is the plan. Normally a transfer is  6 weeks but becasue this last one was only 5 this next one is going to be 7. Maybe just maybe I might get to excape from tanna and head out to provence one day. I really hope so tannas rad, but the people here are really rude which makes me sad. Just because im white.  I'm sick of hearing the word "vaza"(dirty frenchman) everywhere haha. Oh well so yea alls good just rolling with the punches day by day lots of love :) elder cooley

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