Monday, December 29, 2014

December 8, 2014

This week has been so crazy. Its the begining of cyclone season so our house is malagasy made 'vita gasy' which means its rather poorly made. Our ceilling has more holes in it then a cheese grater and my bed got rather wet to say the least. Our down stairs got flooded bad...there is still about  5 inches of water and there is so much dirt everywhere. Its actually really great because you see cockroaches swimming around having the time of their lives haha.  I got a good video, but can't send them over mylds so you'll have to see it later. Besides our house being crap hahah I have good news and bad news so good news is we have a baptism coming up on the 13th, but its not Manda. Another investigator is ready and she passed the interview, so grand haha cant wait for Saturday at 3! The bad news is that Manda's work had a problem or something and they had to move, we have no idea where they have moved to either. Because the move and they didnt get legally married I'm really sad about it. Our plan this week is to find them and hopefully get them back on the plan to get married. This weeks been super crazy with ups and downs also crazy fact, this is my last week in training after this I'm on my own. Thompson will leave and I'll take charge of the area with my new comp. I'm doing alright with the language its coming little by little every day, I still suck dont get me wrong I'm really bad still, but I can teach and I can pick out a little bit more of what people say. I'm liking that. Well till next week love you all keep your self in check dont be something your not lots of love :) elder cooley

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