Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 16, 2015

Hi family,
So this past week sounds fun for you guys, funny to hear you went to the dance cant imagine that hahaha. So this week was pretty good a few things happend that were kinda cool. On thursday night when we were coming home on the bus, and this dood im sitting next to thinks i dont speak malagasy, so he thinks “oh im going to make this only white guy on the bus feel dumb so im going to start to talk to him” so he did but he was very suprised that i was able to speak with him not only a little in french but in malagasy, but long story short after i started speaking to him in malagasy he started to say stuff like “wow im sorry i didnt know you were malagasy im going to make sure everyone calls you gasy” haha so that made me laugh. Then we gave him a invatation to come to church. He said he wants us to come teach him, so who knows will see if he calls. Second cool thing was on friday at lunch, me and te’e are eating at the hotely and just speaking half malagasy and english and this super big dood comes up and starts talking to me in english. He was like are you an American in perfect accent, like seriously it kinda freaked me out because i dont really hear black people here with such amazing english. He was supper sick he’s like “im from africa and i havent been able to speak english in a while can talk to you guys and get your contact to practice english” and were like “yea dood thats dope how great your accent is" and we gave hime the whole speal of the mission and stuff. Good things going on there. Last cool thing is elder hamelton came to our church with president random but it was good so yea thats all here life is good.
Elder Cooley

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