Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hello family,
so I am super happy but also super bummed haha. Its no big deal really so bad news first I'm staying in my second area of Analmahitsy so really not all that bad. I'm just wanting a new place to explore and meet new people ya know. But  Fr Rafalimanana Degonzague Prosper did get baptized! And I was able to do it!! My first one, and we should be having another baptism in a few weeks so steez! The first picture is of me and fr faly right before the baptism and the second is the best thing i have eaten here. Its a burger from a vaza place it cost about 20,000 ARI so about 8 bucks hahahhaha. But really for a few short minutes I felt like I was eating at home again. Mayn I really miss chinese food haha like some wok or pf changs hahah. As for the superbowl thats super lame I don't like the sea hawks but I don't like New England more. O well I just keep telling my self the Olympics will be freaking rad right haha. The fire place looks so good wow I hope its still cool in a few years. And as for the mama bears eyes its good to hear all is going well and no problems happened. You guys are all in my prayers every morning and night :) This past month of January was a long one for me for sure. I think it was becasue it was the 6 month mark on the mission. Time sure does fly only 18 more fast sundays and only 13 more transfers ill be home and everything will be great. But whatever I'm just going with it for now love you guys :)
elder cooley

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