Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

WOW so this week has been quite a week! Last week the power died and it was seriously rough, but other then living with out power it was allll good. So just chillin right now in the cyber i got my books bound so thats cool. Let me break down a normal day in the mish, it kinda goes like this... we wake up at 6:30 and then work out, eat, and get dressed, then at 8 we start studying, then 9 companion studying, and 10 language studying. Then we go to or make lunch, and i have 2 favortie places for lunch. The hotely right by our house and i get a pork cutlet with pees and rice, or we go to this other hotely called fat guys haha and have steak with fries so so so gooooood hahaha love it. Then after lunch we go out to work and that can be going to a lesson to teach or tracking till we have a lesson. Most of our days have a lot of walking which is always fun. My legs are getting super ripped. So we are out working, walking, teaching, or taking fanta breaks, till around 7 then we head for home. To get anywhere we ride in taxi busses. These little busses fill with a max of 27 people at once with no room to breath. Thats a usual day so after we get home we cook dinner, shower, and get ready for the same thing tomorrow. So quick crazy story on wednesday there were so many little moths everywhere and we became covered in these nasty things so we decided to start running to get out of the swarm. The next thing i know is one flys straight up my nose and i start to die haha and then it comes out of my mouth rather amazing having a little explorer inside of your head only to come out a little cleaner. That was super nasty but kinda neat. I thought I was going to have bugs spawn from my head haha but i think im in the clear. Just living in jungle town so alls rather fun. If yall have any questions please ask and yea that would be great cant wait for some packages im not sure what i want but i know youll send me some great stuffs! I love yall! Work is good!

 every day is the best day of my life
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